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Oz-Post® has been a pioneering leader in the post support business for over 20 years. Oz-Post® originated in Australia and over the years has expanded its dominance to other markets including North America. Oz-Post® is also the only product of its kind that has undergone extensive testing to assure the performance and quality is kept to the highest standards.

Oz-Post® products are so unique that they have been granted several patents in the US, Canada, Australia and currently have additional domestic and international patents pending.

As we move forward we strive to continue to provide unique and useful industrial grade products for our dealers and our valued customers.

For all of our past customers we would like to thank you for your patronage and for others just discovering Oz-Post® for the first time we promise to provide you with the same respect and appreciation that Oz-Post® was founded on. We trust that soon you will see why we say that “you don’t need to work harder just smarter”.